THCa Diamonds
THCa Diamonds

THCa Diamonds

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Introducing our extraordinary THCa Diamond – mined from the depths of premium cannabis strains, these diamonds represent the pinnacle of cannabinoid luxury, offering a truly exceptional experience.

How to use THCa Diamonds

Vape/Dab: THCa diamonds can be dabbed with a rig or a bong. THCa diamonds have a vaporization temperature of 315° F (157° C), make sure your vape or rig is heated up above that to compensate for cooling. We recommend somewhere in the neighborhood of 380-400° F with a bare minimum of 325° F.

Add To Join/Bowl/Blunt: If you want to make your flower even stronger, it's easy to add a sprinkle of diamonds on top for that extra kick. If you add it to a joint or blunt, we recommend trying to get it in the middle so the burn is more even and your joint doesn't canoe (burn unevenly) because the diamonds will melt and become resiny and burn slower than flower alone. 

Made Edibles: It's important to know that THCa is not bioavailable by eating it directly. First, you need to decarboxylate the diamonds. This process is when you use low temperature to heat them slowly over 20min. 

How to decarb THCa Diamonds: Owner tips: "I like to throw diamonds in a glass oven-safe dish,

Put them in the oven at maybe 220 for 20-30 min, 

Then I remove them from the heat and stir in some oil. 

MCT/coconut oil is best, but you can use butter or any other cooking oil also.

Finally, you add the infused oil to any food or recipe, and it's ready to go. Or you can use the oil as a tincture. 

**worth noting that by the technical definition of the farm bill, after you decarb the THCa, until you mix it in with your edibles, the product may temporarily be considered marijuana. The definition is under 0.3% by weight Delta9 THC, which is hemp. So if you have say, 1000g of brownie batter, and <3g of THC in the brownie mix, you're fine. But if you have say 1oz of MCT oil and 1g of THC, that is considered Marijuana. So make sure to keep the product diluted so it remains a "hemp" federally legal product.

THCa Diamonds

THCa Diamonds

Regular price $24.99 USD
Regular price Sale price $24.99 USD

Where Your Greens Grow

Quality is the core of what we're doing here at Hella Slumped. Most of the country doesn't have access to the amazing high quality cannabis that we grow in California so we aim to fix that one pack at a time, shipped to your mailbox anywhere in the United States.


Does this get me high?

These products will absolutely get you high. All the flower is natural grown THCa cannabis-hemp. This is the same thing you buy from dispos and dealers. Except we're growing it under a hemp license and getting the necessary testing to ensure compliance.

The Rosin and Live Resin pens are the same or higher quality that what you would find in dispos. We LOVE rosin, so we make sure to only supply the best.

Consume responsibly! Do not drive or operate heavy machinery etc. Be safe and spread love. Enjoy fam🙏

How is this legal?

The Hemp Farm Bill of 2018 made cannabis with <0.3% Delta 9 THC, federally legal. This means interstate commerce is allowed! Each state has their own laws, but most of our products are compliant across the entire United States and ready to ship!

Legal Disclaimer: This is not legal advise however, you need to talk to a lawyer to get real legal advise.

How Fast Is Shipping?

We ship usually USPS, sometimes UPS. Either way, the pack leaves from our warehouse in Florida and gets to most of the east coast within 2-3 days. We ship at multiple times throughout the day but if you order before 2pm EST, the pack will probably ship the same day. Otherwise it will ship next business day. We ship Monday-Friday only, not on weekends. If you have any questions or concerns at all about your order, just reach outhereand we will help you. Thanks for your trust and support fam. 🙏

Quality guarantee?

All our flower is grown in California by industry veterans with over 20 years of experience. If you don't love the products, we will replace them or refund you. No one is disappointed with our selection of rare top shelf exotics. Learn more about the quality guarantee here.